Yaskawa Motoman HP50-20 NX100 UP20MN Welding Cell W/ Skyhook Positioner

Yaskawa Motoman HP50-20 Industrial Robot with Miller Auto-Axcess 450 Welding package.  Available for individual sale or as a complete cell with Skyhook Positioner and guarding.  Features includes:

  • Motoman HP50-20 NX100 UP20MN Robot
  • Miller Auto-Axcess 450
  • Tregaskiss Watercooled Torch
  • Servo Driven Skyhook Positioner
  • Servo Robot Laser Seam Finding and Tracking Sensor
  • Torch Cleaning Station
  • Push Button Operator Stand
  • Guarding and Safety Devices

This unit in in great shape and has under 4,000 operating hours.  In stock and available for inspection.

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