Fanuc R-2000iA Robots

Our Fanuc R-2000iA series robots do the same work as a new robot for 50 to 70% less cost.

Why Buy a From Antenen?
  • All robots come Fully refurbished and NextLife certified for years of dependable service

  • We carry all Fanuc R-2000iA series models including the R-2000iA/165F, R-2000iA/200F, the R-2000iA/210F, and the R-2000iA/125L. 

  • Robots include new licensed Fanuc software as well as a one year parts and labor warranty 

  • We offer professional assistance to integrate robots with other equipment, including robotic tracks, aux axes and end of arm tooling

  • Training and free lifetime phone support included

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More about the Series:

Fanuc R-2000iA series robots are general purpose robots that can be used for spot welding, parts transfer, machine loading, and many other general industrial applications.

The flexibility offered by these high payload 6-axis robots, creates a place for the R-2000iA in almost every industry.   Consequently,  these robots have become one of the most popular models on the market.  With excellent cycle times, you can expect immediate productivity improvements.  Additionally, the robot's slim profile gives it the ability to work well in tight spaces.  

The design of the R-2000iA series maximizes the use of space, allowing it to work in close proximity with other robots and peripherals.

  • The R-2000iA/165F is a heavy-duty, versatile robot with a slim profile to reach in tight places.  It has the capability to do a variety of applications including assembly, arc or spot welding and parts transfer. 

  • The R-2000iA/200F is a heavy-duty, high performance industrial robot. Along with the same great attributes of the other R-2000iA series robots, as well as a higher payload, this workhorse would be a great addition to your production line. 

  • The R-2000iA/210F is also a very versatile robot with a large work envelope that allows it to reach behind and overhead. The 210 kg payload allows the robot to complete heavy jobs with ease.