Robotic Palletizing Systems

About Robotic Palletizing

Antenen has extensive experience designing robotic palletizing cells.  We use our NextLife Certified Refurbished Robots to make our cells reliable and cost effective.  If you are looking to palletize  anything from small components to 50 pound bags, we have the experience necessary to design an efficient palletizing solution for your company. 

We help you choose the best robot for your application and tailor the cell to work in your specific production environment.  Antenen provides full integration solutions with any tracks and auxiliary equipment to make cell work seamlessly with the rest of your production line. 


Get your palletizing project started off right, with a free consultation. We will discuss the type of robot that would work best for your application, the estimated cost of the cell, the tooling and auxiliary equipment necessary for your project, and any other questions you might have.  Give us a call or click the link below for a quote.

Let's discuss your next project.