The Antenen Advantage

The best industrial robots on the market for a fraction of the cost of buying new

At Antenen Robotics, we have refined our process for delivering the best quality used robots possible over the last 30 years. This process starts before we even decide to purchase a robot by only buying the best robots to begin with.  We do this by carefully cultivating our sources of used robots and by field inspection whenever possible.

We know robots, and have an extensive database of robots with repair history, robot by robot, axis by axis, motor by motor, going back to 1990.  We know for a given robot model what electrical or mechanical problems are most likely, and we use this knowledge to help us buy only the best in used industrial robots.


The process continues for the robots we decide to purchase with our 50 point inspection process, where we evaluate electrical and mechanical systems for any to identify any potential problems. Based on this evaluation, we decide whether the robot is suitable for selling to our customers or whether it is destined for our parts department. For those robots that make it through the inspection process, the robot is rebuilt as necessary including replacing motors, bearings, seals, cables and any other necessary components, then preventative maintenance performed.

The final step is a 48 hour runoff test followed by another inspection. The purpose of this process is to do our best to ensure that if there are any problems with the robot that we fix them before we ship them to you.

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