Fanuc ArcMate 120iBe Rj3iC Dual Arm Welding Cell W/ Headstock Tailstocks

Great condition used Lincoln Electric Dual Arm Robotic Welding Cell with two Headstock Tailstock servo driven positioners.  This cell features two Fanuc ArcMate 120iBe RJ3iC Welding robots with push pull torches.  Currently in the process of being refurbished by Antenen Robotics. This cell would be a great option for welding large steel or aluminum parts.  The dual headstock tailstocks allow for an operator to load parts on one side of the cell while the robots are welding on the opposite side of the cell.


  • Fanuc Dual Arm ArcMate 120iBe RJ3iC Industrial Robots
  • (2) Push Pull Water Cooled Torch
  • (2) Power Wave 455M
  • (2) Headstock tailstock servo driven positioners
  • Steel enclosure, flash protection, light curtains,  and safety barrier
  • Mounting and Alignment frame allowing for easy setup
  • Push Button Controls
  • Integrated Safety Devices
  • (2) Torch Mate
  • (2) Robotic torch maintenance center, wire cutting, reaming, and anti-spatter spray station.
  • Steel hood ready to integrate with a ventilation system


  • Collision Guard
  • Thru Arc Seam Tracking
  • Touch Sensing
  • DCS
  • Fixturing design and fabrication
  • Programming support

This system is available for quick shipment and will be ready to weld when it hits your shop floor.

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