Fanuc ArcMate 120iBe Rj3iB Welding Cell with Turntable

This is a great condition Lincoln Electric Welding Cell ready for steel welding.  This cell features a Fanuc ArcMate 120iBe Industrial welding robot with a turntable. The indexing turntable allows the operator to load parts while the robot is welding. Fixturing can bolt on easily to the table top.

All equipment is mounted on a steel frame to allow for easy setup. More pictures available upon request.


  • Fanuc ArcMate 120iBe RJ3iB Industrial Robot
  • (1) Air Cooled Torch
  • (1) Power Wave 455M/STT
  • (1) Servo Driven Indexing Turntable
  • Steel enclosure, flash protection, light curtains,  and safety barrier
  • Mounting and Alignment frame allowing for easy setup
  • Push Button Controls
  • Integrated Safety Devices
  • (1) Torch Mate
  • (1) Robotic torch maintenance center, wire cutting, reaming, and anti-spatter spray station.
  • Steel hood ready to integrate with a ventilation system


  • Collision Guard
  • Thru Arc Seam Tracking
  • Touch Sensing
  • Fixturing design and fabrication
  • Programming support

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