Fanuc ArcMate 120iC/10L R-30iB Welding Cell with Headstock Tailstock Postioner(s)

Great Condition Lincoln Electric System 55 two station  robotic welding cell with headstock tailstock postioner.  Currently in the process of being refurbished by Antenen Robotics.


  • Fanuc ArcMate 120iC/10L R-30iB industrial robot
  • Abicor Binzel Thru Arm Torch Water Cooled
  • AutoDrive 4R220 Wire Feeder
  • PowerWave R500 Power Supply
  • Enclosure, flash and safety barrier
  • Pneumatic Pop Up Panels
  • Push Button Controls
  • (2) Headstock Talstock Positionser *See Note*
  • Integrated Safety Devices
  • Robotic torch maintenance center, wire cutting, reaming, and anti-spatter spray station.

Note: This cell currently only has one Heatstock Tailstock. It has two integrated servo motors and is designed to have a second headstock tailstock. Antenen can sell this system with or without a second positioner depending on the customer’s needs.  Antenen will also replace the pictured tailstock with a more standard tailstock.

This robot has under 1000 hours on the meter and is in great condition. The system is available for quick shipment and will be ready to weld when it hits your shop floor.


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