Assembly Robots

Assembly RobotUsing robots to assemble items in an excellent way to increase productivity and reduce costs. The strength and power of assembly robots, is that they can work 24 hours a day.  Also, they are less prone to error and more efficient that human assembly line workers.  Consequently assembly robots  provide large increases in output and consistency, as well as cost savings.  As product lifecycles shorten and market demand moves from mass production to mass customization, assembly robots becoming more advanced.  Antenen understands that flexible automation solutions can provide manufacturers with the competitive advantage they need to succeed.  Our NextLife certified refurbished assembly robots can be programed to do a wide array of tasks.  Additionally, we offer robotic vision solutions that make robots smarter and more capable of completing complex actions.

We help you find the perfect robot for your application.  We use our 20 years experience, to give recommendations that will maximize efficiency and cost savings.  Antenen helps customers choose robots to meet all the needs of their current application.  Additionally, we help think through potential future applications, to ensure the robot has the ability to meet those requirements as well.  We consider satisfied customers a priority.  We have built an industry leading reputation based on, creating long term "win-win" customer relationships.

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