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When looking to buy a used industrial Motoman Robot Antenen Robotics is the first place you should call. Once viewed largely as a way to save on labor costs, robots today have taken on more significant roles in manufacturing. They're part of a modern manufacturer's global competitiveness plan. Antenen Research is servicing that global playing field more frequently and better than ever.

Motoman robots have been a key component in Antenen's global growth. Motoman industrial robots include 4 and 6-axis robots with payload capacities from 3 up to 400kg. Motoman's scope is both unique and broad.  Antenen Research knows that Motoman robots offer today's manufacturers flexible solutions for industrial automation in practically all manufacturing and material handling requirements. You should take advantage of Antenen Research's competitive advantage: the knowledge to rebuild, top quality, warranted Motoman Robots and bring them to the marketplace at approximately 50% less than a comparable new one.  

Globally, over 80,000 Motoman robots have been installed, making the Motoman/Yaskawa one of the world's leading industrial robots. Motoman has consistently been at the forefront of technological development in robotics and new Motoman robot models are continually being developed to enhance Arc welding, Spot welding, Cutting, De-burring, Material handling, Machine tending, Press-brake operation, Sealing & Gluing, Packaging, Palletizing, and Assembly.

We invite you to use Antenen Research's services to find the best value in rebuilt industrial Motoman robots for your business, whether they're in the United States or located overseas. With our help, you'll be able to keep you manufacturing business competitive.

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