Welding Robots

Welding represents one of the most widespread and successful use and application of industrial robots. For businesses looking to purchase welding robots, Antenen is the right place to begin. Our customer base is using welding robots across many applications including arc welding, resistance welding, and some spot welding in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. With twenty years of welding robot experience, we have the training and the staff to provide you with a robotic solution.

Knowing that robots can work in environments that are often too hazardous for people and can achieve an accuracy and reproducibility beyond that of humans we are confident recommending a robot for welding, especially when there is focus on higher productivity at lower cost, increased flexibility and environmental compliance concerns.

When recommending a robot (for MIG or TIG arc welding), Antenen considers the type of welding, the reach and payload of the arm, performance constraints, service, and budget vs. price. Based on those needs and the customer's requirements, we suggest the robot that we believe is right for you, not what is most profitable for us: a tabletop, 3 kg. payload robot, a medium size 6 kg. payload robot for welding or a large welding robot model that normally specs out with a 10 kg. payload capacity.

Our experience includes welding robots from the major manufacturers that include ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, Panasonic and other plus power sources and interfaces from the most recognized and reliable brand-names. With our unmatched inventory, we offer a buyer a huge selection of rebuilt, warranted robots that can be used for robotic welding, and a robot training option. The end result is that our welding robots and service provide the competitive benefits of lowered scrap and rework, more consistent and higher quality welds and increased capability to complete a job on time.

Fanuc Welding Robots for sale